Monday, August 30, 2010

How to own faces in Halo

Halo 3 is a pretty easy game. People are dumb. I have a lvl 55 account in social slayer so it's safe to say I am the best. I have roughly 10,000 social games played and no one else can beat me. I am also pro at mongoose racing. MLG can't handle me.

Anyone who is good at this game knows it's all about the gametypes and where to find the best players. Playlists under ranked are generally filled with boosters and de rankers. You never get good people on your team so don't try. It's not random, the world hates you and you will always lose. Only newbies play these playlists. Your not a newbie so hop into social slayer where all the pros play. People are pretty good here. I generally suggest vetoing anything with battle rifles as people cheat with them and 4 shot you even though it's impossible. Anyone who beats you is probably a cheater since most people are. Just quit out of games with cheaters and wait for a game with a warthog. Pros use this all the time because it's all about skill and teamwork. It takes a lot of practice to get good and not flip the warthog but when you do it's easy to run into all of the 12 year old pros who think they are good. They will often say you suck at the game but that is just because they aren't any good. If you can find a buddy to team up with your chances with a warthog will be even better. Just drive around and run into people while your team mate shoots all of the other noobs. I like to drive straight at people as it freaks them out. It's like watching a murder in slow motion. They know they are going to die.

If your lucky enough to get sandtarp load up the elephant. This vehicle is over powered. Simply drive it around to where the enemies are and you have 2 gunners to tear them up. Even better this vehicle can't be destroyed. This is a guarantee win when you drive around in this beast. I have had people send me many angry messages because I am so awesome. I even beat snipedown240 while in my elephant. I just kept running him over. He didn't even bother moving the whole game because he knew how amazing I am and how over powered the elephant is. So much for a professional MLG player.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pro starcraft 2 tips

Everyone who has played SC2 knows how hard of a game it can be. Things change fast. It's a game of strategy much like chess, but it moves way faster and is comprised of infinitely more variables than chess. You could say that SC2 is chess on speed, crack and meth. This game requires lots of skill, practice and knowledge of the finer works of game mechanics.

It is because of this that it is such a highly competitive game. You are trying to outsmart your opponent who is probably smarted and better than you are. Thankfully I am here to offer pro tips to help you defeat your opponent. First off is race selection...everyone knows that Zerg and Terran are for newbies. Pick protoss because your a pro. Second thing that is important is base defense. How can you kill your enemy if they are able to just walk in and destroy your base? Your going to want to start out building 16 drones on minerals and 6 on gas. That will set you up for a stable economy. After that you will want to start on your base defense. Build up to a cybernetics core and find the entrance to your base. Start building photon cannons all over and block it off. Photon cannons are the best because they see invisible units, attack air and attack ground units. Nothing can beat them. They have no weakness. Build these everywhere. Even along the sides of your base. Make sure nothing can get in.

Now that you can harvest in peace it's time to start working on building an army. Since you can get a ton of minerals in the safety of your base it's time to go big to finish the game. Build 6 starports and max out your populations worth of pylons. Start to mass carriers. They are very expensive so that means they are guaranteed to crush your enemies. Don't stop making these until you can't make any more. While you are doing that upgrade everything you can for them. Make sure you max their upgrades fast. Once you have a massive army it's time to attack. Just attack move until you find the enemy. If you did things right you will win quickly. Upon seeing your massive army your enemy will most likely quit the game since they will realize how pro you are. It will be an easy win either way. If they do something cheap and kill your army just quit out because they are a cheater and don't know how to play the game right. Your better than them.